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Clearsight Contacts.

Clearsight Contacts

ClearSight contacts provide ultimate comfort to fit your lifestyle! Developed by CooperVision lenses, these daily contact lenses, give individuals the opportunity to experience clear vision every day without always having to run out and buy new contacts. Experience the fresh feeling of ClearSight contacts every time you pop in a brand new pair. ClearSight contacts are available in packs of 30 and 90, so you won’t run out if you’re on the go. ClearSight toric contact lenses are also available for individuals with astigmatism.

ClearSight Dailies Contacts

Whether you’re looking for ClearSight 1 day, 1-day Toric, or a 1 day 90 pack, LensDirect has the best selection of ClearSight dailies contacts to fill your prescription. ClearSight daily contacts are exceptionally moist and have been designed with advanced technology that allows them to hold their moisture for long periods of time. This helps prevent eye irritation so your eyes can stay fresh all day long. Created by Coopervision, ClearSight dailies contacts have become one of the leaders in freshness and ocular breathability. With ClearSight daily contact lenses, you have the ease and convenience of popping them in every morning, and tossing them before you go to sleep at night. This is great because they don’t require any cleaning or maintenance, have an easy to remember wear schedule, and tend to better for individuals with eye allergies. Pick up a fresh pack of clearsight contacts from CooperVision today!