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Precision 1 30 Pack

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Precision 1 30 Pack
Precision1 30 Pack is a daily disposable silicone hydrogel contact lens that provides superior vision, comfort, and handling. Precision 1 was designed to provide lasting visual performance and comfort from early morning to late at night. It is the first mainstream daily disposable contact made by Alcon to use SMARTSURFACE technology which is a special manufacturing process involving a series of liquid baths filled with water-loving polymers. Simply put, it helps lock in moisture and increases the moisture level from 51% in the core of the lens to over 80% at the lens surface, which means more comfort for longer!

Is Precision1 good for You?

If you struggle with your contacts giving you poor vision, comfort, and difficult handling issues then these contact lenses are for you! These lenses were made to help new wearers of contacts get acclimated to wearing contacts by providing a better experience all around.

Unique Features

• SmartSurface technology which helps increase moisture in contacts giving a more comfortable wearing experience.
• Made of silicone hydrogel which is a lens material that allows for more oxygen to pass through the lens to your eyes. It enables up to 5 times more oxygen to reach the cornea than regular hydrogel lenses.


• Great for beginners or someone new to wearing contact lenses
• Easy to put in eyes
• Consistent clarity in vision
• Comfortable vision

Recommended For

Those who value easy handling, long lasting visual clarity, and high moisture comfort that lasts from early morning to late night.

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