How Does Lens Replacement Work?

We replace prescription and non-prescription lenses at affordable prices for any brand of frames, without having to leave home. Whether your lenses are scratched, cracked, or need to be updated – we've got you covered.

Select the type
of lenses you need

Choose from a variety of options in a format that is easy on the eye. No pun intended. Oy, bad joke. On, you can select what type of lens you need, your Rx, sweet upgrades, and how you want to provide us with your prescription.

Send your frames
to us - for free!

As you're finishing up the order, you’ll be given two options to get your frames in our hands. You can download/print a pre-paid shipping label and mail us the frames – this will save 1-4 business days off the total order time.

Once your frames arrive,
we get to work

We have the latest lens technology to suit any and all customers. Our expert lab technicians will fit your frames with new lenses, from single vision lenses and progressive lenses, to transition lenses and prescription sunglass lenses.

Go enjoy yourself, you just
saved money and time

On average, LensDirect saves our Lens Replacement customers around 80% compared to optician prices by removing the middleman. While saving money is important, we aim to save our customers time by skipping the drive to the doctor's office.

Ready to get new lenses for your frames?

Premium quality lenses for any brand of frames you may have. Free shipping on orders over $49, simple process, and quick turnaround.