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Blue Light Filtering Technology

BluDefend blue light lenses help filter blue light and UV rays emitting from screens.

Upgrade your glasses with BluDefend lenses

Whether you're replacing the lenses on your existing frames, or buying new Delancey Street Eyewear frames, you can easily upgrade your lenses to BluDefend when selecting lenses.

Effects of too much screen time

Tired Eyes
Tired Eyes
Blurred Vision
Blurred Vision
Disrupted Sleep
Disrupted Sleep

What is BluDefend?

BluDefend is a proprietary lens technology that filters blue light and UV rays.

Effects of too much screen time

Tired eyes


Blurred vision

Disrupted sleep


Light Spectrum

Visible light spectrum: ultra violet, blue light, visible light, infra-red
Visible light spectrum: ultra violet, blue light, visible light, infra-red

The BluDefend Difference

Drawing of glasses showing anti-glare effect

Anti-Glare & UV Protection

We include AR and UV Protection in every lens order

Drawing of round frame glasses

Nearly clear lens

A tint so subtle that it's virtually unnoticeable while worn

Drawing of person looking at a laptop

How we filter Blue Light better

All our lenses have a powerful technology embedded into our lenses

Drawing of an eye test poster

Optional magnification

This reduces stress on the eye's ciliary muscle if you're fixated on your screen all day

Close up of man looking at screen

Why we filter Blue Light?

Blue Light is high-energy light that screens emit. Studies show overexposure to Blue Light may be linked to eye strain, increased risk of macular degeneration, and sleep cycle disruption. Our lenses help filter Blue Light, particularly the highest energy wavelengths of 400-440 nm.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does blue light affect our eyes?

Blue light is a high-impact light that emits from screens, whether you're using a laptop, a phone, or a computer.

Who should wear your BluDefend?

Anybody that regularly uses a smartphone, a laptop or a computer should get BluDefend blue light filtering lenses. In addition to those that spend a lot of time in front of a screen, BluDefend also blocks UV rays so it provides those benefits outdoors as well.

How do blue light blocking lenses work?

Yes, blue light blocking lenses have filters in their lenses that can absorb or filter blue light, and many cases UV light, from effecting the eyes. These filters will provide a level of protection to your eyes by reducing the blue light exposure.

Why choose BluDefend?

BluDefend is LensDirect's proprietary blue light filtering technology. BluDefend lenses are engineered to keep your eyes safe from straining, and provide you with a better nights sleep.

What makes BluDefend better than traditional blue light blocking lenses?

We embed our technology into the lenses so our glasses can filter 50% of all blue light. We also apply anti-glare and UV protection into each lens to make sure you're protected indoors and outdoors.

What does "nearly clear lens" mean?

Traditionally, blue light blocking lenses would have a obvious blue-reflective coating, we don't do that. Instead, we apply a proprietary tint that is so subtle that it's virtually unnoticeable while worn.