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LensDirect does not currently accept insurance as a payment. However, we’re here to help make it easy to get reimbursed for your LensDirect purchase by your insurance company. It's easy! Just choose your provider below, and review the instructions to submit, and get reimbursed.

**LensDirect is not responsible, able to confirm or approve any type of reimbursement by your vision insurance company. Please confirm coverage with your insurance company directly.

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Want to know something? Frequently asked questions

How does vision insurance work?

After you find a provider and enroll, vision insurance works in the same way many other insurances work.

You pay for your premium and in exchange, you will receive a yearly credit and benefits towards things like discounted vision tests, glasses, and contact lenses. Vision insurance can be used at a doctor's office and online as well. Vision insurance not only covers discounts and credits, but there are also comprehensive plans that can help with the costs of eye surgery, eye diseases, and permanent vision impairments.

But be warned, the coverage from vision insurance for things like eye surgery may not cover as much as something like health insurance.

Also, be wary of the terms of your vision insurance, certain basic plans only cover things like basic lenses for your glasses, if you want addons and upgrades you might have to pay out of pocket.

Some plans also cover glasses up to a certain amount such as $250, so for any frames you want that are over $250, that may come out of pocket as well. Lastly, pay close attention to the benefit period and terms coverage stating whether your yearly allowance will cover all the following: vision exam, glasses, and contact lenses, instead of just one or two of those.

How do you use vision insurance online?

It depends on whether your online retailer is in-network or out-of-network for your vision insurance.

If your retailer is in-network for your vision insurance, they can outright accept it as a payment.

However, for most online eyewear and contact lens retailers which are typically out of network, you need to do a little more legwork. (But don’t worry we made it easy to do with this vision insurance page!)

For out of network online retailers, these are the steps:
Step 1: Download and fill out a claim form.

Step 2: Submit the completed claim form and send your invoice with it to the appropriate vision insurance provider address. (we have claim forms and addresses conveniently located for you, just tap, or click on the vision insurance icons above our FAQ!)

Step 3: Get reimbursed! It typically takes around 3-4 weeks to get reimbursed, if there is an issue please reach out to your vision insurance provider, not LensDirect! (even if you've purchased from us online, we are unable to assist after you've filed a claim.)

What is an allowance in vision insurance?

Your allowance is the monetary amount your vision insurance provider will cover for eyewear frames, lens enhancements or replacements. Also, your allowance may cover contact lenses, but check your terms and be wary of things like your vision insurance provider only covering either glasses or contacts but not both in the same benefit period.

How much allowance do I get for vision insurance?

Typically, $150-$250 is given to you in each benefit period to use on frames, lens enhancements, lens replacement, or contact lenses, but check your plan’s coverage to know for sure.

Does vision insurance cover glasses and contact lenses?

Yes, basic vision insurance plans cover things such as an eye exam, glasses (up to a certain amount per benefit period), and contact lenses. However, as we warned above, read your terms, and know whether your plan can cover all three during the same benefit period, or if you need to choose between glasses or contacts to use your allowance on.

Can I use my HSA/FSA along with vision insurance?

Yes! You can use your HSA/FSA card AND get reimbursed with your vision insurance, just use your HSA/FSA card at checkout and file your claim for reimbursement after.

How much does vision insurance cost?

You can expect to pay a monthly $5-$15 premium for vision insurance, but it varies depending on the level of care you seek and whether you are getting it from your employer, which may be the cheapest, most beneficial option. Also keep in mind if there are any copayments if you visit a doctor for an eye exam, which depend on state laws.

How much can vision insurance save me?

Basic vision insurance can save you $150-$250 a year, depending on how much allowance your chosen plan and vision insurance provider.

How do I save the most on

You can save the absolute most by stacking your discounts! Here's how: Start by using a coupon or promo code, then use your HSA/FSA card to purchase, and lastly use your vision insurance annual allowance towards eyewear or contact lenses and submit the claim for reimbursement.

Remember to check the terms of your benefits such as how much they allow to spend and whether your benefit period will cover both eyewear and contacts and not just one over the other.