Avaira Vitality Contacts

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  • Free shipping on orders over $49
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Avaira Authorized Retailer
  • FSA/HSA eligible
  • We'll replace unused lenses
Product Details
  • Replacement Schedule: Biweekly
  • Vision Condition: Myopia or Hyperopia
  • Lens Per Box: 6
Recommended For
  • For those who want the convenience of a bi-weekly contact lens with a focus on long-lasting comfort at an affordable price.
Unique Features
  • Aberration Neutralizing System is designed to enhance vision quality by minimizing optical imperfections commonly found in eyes.
  • 3rd Generation advanced silicone hydrogel material naturally attracts water molecules, keeping lenses continuously moist.
  • 99% UV-B ray protection
  • 90% UV-A ray protection
  • Long-lasting comfort due to material
  • Whiter eyes due to high breathability
  • Protects against the sun with the one of the highest class UV blocker in a contact lens available
  • Save more. Highly affordable bi-weekly lens
Technical Details
  • Material: fanfilcon A
  • Water Content: 55%
  • Curvature(BC): 8.4
  • Diameter(D): 14.2
  • Oxygen Transmissibility or Dk/t: 110 @ -3.00D
  • Toric Orientation Mark: N/A
  • Visibility Tint Color: Yes
  • Manufacturer: Coopervision
  • Brand: Avaira

Avaira Vitality

Avaira Vitality contact lenses are the two-week comfortable and moist contact lenses by Cooper Vision. Coopervision took the best of the Avaira line and made additional enhancements to increase UB protection as well as water contact. As a result, your eyes stay healthy all day long. Also, the Aquaform lens material is naturally wettable, providing exceptional comfort for your eyes.
• Silicone hydrogel contact lenses
• Comfortable
• Moist all day


Coopervision’s Avaira family of contact lenses offer two week UV absorbing comfort for individuals with astigmatism and for nearsighted and farsighted individuals. In a public survey, CooperVision states that 80% of people who have Avaira, wear them for over 14 hours a day. That’s long lasting comfort that you can’t beat, from a name you can trust!
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How long can you wear Avaira Vitality contacts?

You can wear Avaira Vitality contacts for up to 2 weeks or 14 days from the time of opening the contact lens package.

Are avaira contacts monthly?

No, Avaira contacts are bi-weekly.

Are Sofmed Breathables the same as Avaira Vitality contacts?

Yes, Sofmed Breathables are the same as Avaira Vitality contacts. Sofmed Breathables are a “store only” brand that is identical to the national brand known as Avaira Vitality.

What are Sofmed Breathables?

Sofmed Breathables are contact lenses made by CooperVision that are a “store only” brand, so you won’t find these being bought online very often, the online version of these lenses are Avaira Vitality contacts.