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Preview of the mobile app
Man using the app wearing glasses showing how virtual try on works

Virtual Try-On

Seeing is believing

Our virtual try-on technology is next level. From the fit to the texture to the shape, you can now try on your frames with precision.

Insane Accuracy

Measure PD

Our app is built to do more than just help you shop; it also provides recommendations for your ideal width and measure your pupilary distance (PD).

Woman using the app showing measurements for face size and PD
Example showing scanning the barcode within the app

Easy Ordering

Scan your contact lens box

Refilling your contact lenses is as easy as a single click- simply scan your last box to reorder your brand in seconds.

Subscribe and save

Manage your subscription

Take control. Sign up, manage, cancel (eeek), and modify your subscription effortlessly.

Example showing the manage subscription page in the app

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