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Rectangle Glasses – Savvy and Brilliant

Choosing the right pair of glasses can make a great first impression or just make an impactful fashion statement. Every pair of glasses is unique, in that they can transform your look based on color, face shape, material, and design. If you’re looking for a fearlessly classic look, then a pair of rectangle glasses are perfect for you! Rectangle glasses frames tend to be more angular in shape, and have a classically stylish appearance that is undeniably cool. Glasses with acutely sharp rectangular outlines tend to have a slim, chic, and intelligent look. Rectangle glasses with round edges have a softer appearance, which tends to be more suitable for individuals with oval or round face shapes. Available in a series of colors, materials, styles, and from some of the most popular brands, LensDirect has the perfect pair of rectangle prescription glasses for you!

Rectangle Shaped Glasses for Every Style!

Look your absolute best with a pair of rectangle shaped glasses frames from LensDirect! Whether you’re punk or professional, the angular characteristics of rectangular shaped glasses can breathe new life into your style. With a variety of the trendiest brands to choose from like Nike, Lacoste, Gant, Calvin Klein, Guess, Vogue, and Valentino, the combinations are endless. Whether you pick metal, plastic, or even semi-rimless styles, the sharp, brilliant look of their rectangle shape will showcase your look wonderfully. At LensDirect, we make finding the perfect pair of rectangle shaped glasses super simple. Just take a look above at all of the different glasses we offer, enter your prescription, add them to your cart, and checkout! We’re positive you’ll find a pair of rectangle glasses that showcase your style in a most awesome way!