Warranty & Additional Terms

Scratch & Damage

We offer a 90 day Scratch and Coating Damage Warranty from the date the order was received. If you're having an issue with your new lenses, get in touch with our Customer Experience team by clicking here.

Frame Damage / Breakage

Although this is unlikely (and thankfully does not happen often), breakage of the frames is possible during lens replacement. Remember, we're working with frames that have been around the block and just like any product, a frame's durability gets weaker over time. LensDirect is not liable for your frames breaking or getting damaged when they are in our possession. In the unlikely event that we are unable to complete your order because of a frame breakage, one of the following can be done:

Lost Packages

At this moment, LensDirect passes along the risk of loss for all packages to the customer. However, if frames are lost on the way to us or to you, please reach out to our Customer Experience team by clicking here. An investigation will be initiated to recover the package. If in the unfortunate event the package is unrecoverable, we would be happy to issue a replacement with any of our in-house eyewear collections.

LensDirect Lens Protection Plan

Our lens protection plan will extend the scratch & coating warranty from 3 months to 12 months. The LensDirect protection plan does not cover scratches due to misuse or improper cleaning.

To request a replacement under the protection plan, please reach out to our customer support by phone at 800-536-7111, or by email at [email protected]. You will be asked to provide a picture of the damage prior to the claim being approved. Upon approval, the cost of the replacement and the cost of USPS First Class shipping will be covered.

Please note that the lens protection plan can only be used once, for the order it was purchased with, within the specified timeframe (1 year from the date of receiving the order). We are unable to make any changes to the lens or prescription with the protection plan.