Warranty & Additional Terms


90 day scratch and coating damage warranty from date received. If you're having an issue with your Eyewear frames, please contact [email protected].

Additional Terms

1) If you lose the first box we send you (the box you are supposed to put your frames in and send back) and you request a new one, there will be a $10 fee (this fee covers shipping and materials)

2) If you forget to send your glasses to us within 90 days of your original order, please contact customer service as the tracking label we original provided will no longer be valid

3) If your frames arrive damaged or brittle (ex: very old, worn out, etc.) it may run into the risk of breaking or getting damaged during the lens replacement process. If we deem your frame to be at risk, customer service will reach out and ask for your permission to proceed. You can choose to proceed with your current order, send us a different pair of frames or cancel your order. If you choose to proceed with your order, and your frames get damaged or break during the lens replacement process, Lensdirect is not liable for any damage caused to at-risk frames. In this instance, we will refund your lens payment, minus a $15 shipping fee. In addition, if you decide to cancel your order, we will return your frames to you and refund your lens purchase, minus a $15 shipping fee.

4) Although it is unlikely and does not happened often, breakage of the frames is possible during lens replacement. LensDirect is not liable for your frames breaking or getting damaged when they are in LensDirect’s possession. If we are unable to complete your order, you have the option to have your frames returned and a refund of your purchase or LensDirect will provide a new set of frames from the Delancey Street eyewear collection.

5) At this moment, LensDirect passes along the risk of loss for all packages to the customer. However; we will soon be offering Delancey Street Eyewear - premium eyewear at approachable prices. If frames are lost on the way to us or the customer, we're happy to extend a 50% discount of the equivalent of what the customer was purchasing via Lens Replacement by LensDirect.