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Theatrical Lenses.

Theatrical Contact Lenses

Getting ready for your next comic book or anime convention and want to impress your friends with your latest costume? If you really want to get some memorable photos, then your need the right pair of theatrical contact lenses to bring your costume to life! LensDirect specializes in offering the highest quality, FDA cleared, theatrical contact lenses for cheap! That way you can save money and get everything you need to really set your costume apart from everyone else on the floor! We offer over 100 different styles of Halloween and theatrical contacts that work with any costume you are trying to create! Whether you are really into anime, comic books, or just want to go with a classic horror movie character, LensDirect has the perfect pair of lenses to enhance and make your costume as realistic as it can be!

Costume Contact Lenses

Our line of Costume contact lenses will help bring your costume to life this Halloween. As an authorized retailer of contacts for Halloween, LensDirect guarantees that all our theatrical and costume contact lenses are FDA cleared and offer the most comfortable fit at affordable prices! Look great this October, pick up a fresh pair of costume contacts from LensDirect and scare your friends and family this year!