Find Rave contacts here. Illuminate your look with a pair of Rave contacts for your next party or rave! With these contacts activated by black light, you won't have any trouble standing out in the crowd.

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Rave Contacts

Illuminate your look with a pair of Rave Contacts for your next party or rave! Activated by a black light, these freaky colored contacts come in a wide range of colors that work with any style you are going for. LensDirect offers pink, yellow, blue, and green, which will add a neon/glow in the dark effect to your eyes that is undeniably cool! These UV contact lenses are great for dance parties and clubbing, but also look great in the daylight as well. With rave contacts you can go from bright colored eyes, to eye popping glow with the flick of a switch! Rave contacts are super fun to use and give your eyes a truly unique look that isn’t found in your average cosmetic contact lens. Pick up a pair today and see what these glow in the dark contact lenses can do at your next rave!