Nerdy Glasses

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Nerdy Glasses

Nerdy glasses have quickly become one of the most trendy fashion accessories of the last decade. With styles like thick black, horn rimmed, or semi-rimless, the nerd look has become a favored style in the eye wear fashion world as of late. Worn by individuals of all ages, you can now find the nerdy style of glasses everywhere you look these days. Notoriously known for their thick black frames, these bold glasses have evolved a lot since their early renditions in the 1950’s. Back then, round tortoiseshell glasses with saddle bridges were all the rage and it seems that styles like browline combos, waywarers, and rectangular wire frames have made a big comeback.

Often dubbed as “geek chic”, this style attracts people of all cultures and subcultures. Musicians, hipsters, athletes, and young professionals have all gravitated towards the elegant and vintage appearance of nerdy eyeglasses. These days, it seems like it doesn’t even matter what kind of outfit you pair them with. Nerdy glass frames are bold, versatile, and fashionable for all occasions.

Nerdy Glasses Frames for All Styles

A mix of vintage style and modern sophistication make these glasses highly practical, but what makes nerdy glasses frames so interesting and appealing? The beauty of these black spectacles is in their ability to add personality to any number of looks that you have in your wardrobe. Whether you are a business professional looking to add a polished accessory to your attire, or a leather jacket wearing urbanite who wants to stay on top of the latest fashion trends. The sky’s the limit when pairing these glasses with your favorite jacket, bag, or shoes. LensDirect offers a huge selection of some of the most interesting nerdy glasses online. Whether you are looking for horn-rimmed, clubmasters, wayfarers, rimless, or semi-rimmed glasses, we have the vintage style that will fit your every look.