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Halloween Lenses - Black Wolf

Halloween Lenses - Black Wolf

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Halloween Lenses - Black Wolf
Join the wolf pack with Lunatic’s Black Wolf Contacts, now available at LensDirect! These yellow and black contacts have a dark black iris with a bright yellow burst emanating from the center out towards the edge of the lens. They will empower you with the rage of a full moon and add a dramatic effect to your already intimidating werewolf costume! All black wolf contacts come in a well packaged and sterile single vial (1 lens per vial). All of our theatrical contacts are FDA approved and are compliant with ISO International standards. If you are in the market for a new pair of yellow and black contacts to make your costume as awesome as can be, then pick up out black wolf contacts by Lunatic!

Wolf Eye Contacts

Pulling off the perfect black werewolf costume can take tons of preparation. Getting the fine details of the fur and the mask together are tough, but are the most fun and creative aspects to creating a Halloween costume! The last thing you need to really bring you character to life and to make it special are a realistic pair of wolf eye contacts. These yellow and black contacts designed by Lunatic are some of the most realistic costume contacts available on the market. They have a base curve of 8.6, a diameter of 14.5mm, and are made of 38% water. We recommend our customers keep their wolf eye contacts clean and wet so they stay comfortable in your eyes while you are out. These black wolf contact lenses will last up to 12 months with proper care and occasional use. Let the moon set you free this Halloween with a pair of wolf eye contacts by Lunatic!

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