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Halloween Lenses - Wildfire | Pennywise

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Halloween Lenses - Wildfire | Pennywise
If you are a fan of the TV series “Teen Wolf”, and want the perfect contact lenses for your Scott McCall costume, then you need a pair of Teen Wolf contacts! Made popular by the 1985 film, the Teen Wolf TV series has picked up a huge following with horror movie fans over the years. Now, Teen Wolf fans can get red wolf eye contacts that resemble those seen on the silver screen! These ferocious contact lenses have all the components that make werewolves as terrifying as can be. Teen wolf contacts have a fiery red color that surrounds the iris, and a yellow flare that emanates outward from your pupil. This gives your eyes a frightening effect that will have you howling at the moon! Made of 38% water, teen wolf contact lenses are comfortable and feel great in your eyes. Though all of our theatrical lenses are moist and comfortable, we recommend that all of our wearers purchase a bottle of eye drops to make sure that they do not experience any irritation. Teen Wolf contacts are 100% FDA cleared and are made of the best movie quality materials that give them a dramatic special effect. Experience lycanthropy first hand with a pair of teen wolf contacts from LensDirect!

Angry Pennywise Contacts

Become the scariest clown in movie history with a pair of angry Pennywise contact lenses! His fiery red and yellow eyes can be the finishing touch to your costume this Halloween. Unlike other Pennywise contacts, this lens has a greater amount of red surrounding the iris displaying the moment that Pennywise decides to feed on his victim’s fear with an evil fiery stare. These contact lenses are 100% safe to use and are FDA approved! So you can be assured you are getting quality theatrical contact lenses that will elevate your costume this year. The lenses are packed in single vials (1 len per vial) and will last you up to a year after the seal is opened. These lenses should be properly stored and cleaned before use to assure an enjoyable wearing experience.

Red Wolf Contacts

Getting ready for some Halloween fun this year, but haven’t found the perfect red wolf contacts for your costume? You just did! Now you can experience movie quality lenses like never before! Our red wolf contacts are 14.5mm in diameter and are good for up to 1 year after opening. Red wolf contacts come in a single vial (1 lens per vial), and can be purchased with a power of 0.00 or plano. These lenses are highly intense and are sure to terrify or creep out anyone who gazes into them. Pick up the perfect addition to your teen wolf costume this year - Gothika red wolf!

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