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Purevision Toric for Astigmatism

PureVision Toric 6 pack contact lenses are uniquely made for individuals that suffer from astigmatism. These lenses feature AerGel technology that delivers clear, crisp and stable vision blink after blink. They allow natural levels of oxygen through the lens so your eyes stay comfortable all day long. People with astigmatism can now experience comfort and optimum moisture on a monthly basis. Our Purevision toric 6 pack is available in a monthly box, which will keep your eyes feeling fresh every day until your next prescription checkup. This is convenient because it makes it really easy to remember when to replace them. Just pop them in at the beginning of the month and take them out on the last day! If you are looking for the perfect toric lenses that fit your lifestyle, the look no further than PureVision Toric for astigmatism, by Bausch & Lomb.

Bausch & Lomb PureVision Toric for Astigmatism are perfect for individuals who do not want to worry about taking their lenses in and out every day. That’s because they are monthly disposable toric contact lenses and are meant to be kept in your eye for up to 30 days (between removals for cleaning and disinfection, or disposal of the lens). These contacts come in a visibility tinted solution that allows for quick and easy collection of the lens when you need to put them in. Purevision Toric for astigmatism contacts should be cleaned at regular intervals to help prevent eye infection. Always make sure take the proper precautions when using Purevision Toric 6 pack vision correction and replace them after their period of use. Find the lowest prices on contact lenses and eyewear at America’s Optical Store –!

• Designed for patients with Astigmatism
• AerGel material keeps eye moist and repels debris
• 30 day lenses for monthly replacement
• Blink stabilized technology, provides consistently clear vision without blur


Lens Type: Monthly disposable contact lenses
Package Details: 6 lenses in a buffered saline solution
Material Percentage: 64% Polymer (Balafilcon A)
Water Percentage: 36%
Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb, Inc.


Purevision is a brand you can trust, with their core focus to keep your eyes feeling comfortable and clear all day long. As a member of Bausch & Lomb family, you know you’re in good hands. Purevision’s unique AerGel material keeps your eyes healthy and moist, so they can last all day, and leave your eyes feeling great and you feeling confident to handle your daily demands.
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Reviewed by 8 customers

By Dylan B.

from SC

on April 04, 2011

2.5 Good for everyday use

Not really extended wear

I've been using Purevision Toric for a year and never was able to use it for it's extended use for a month. The longest these lenses have ever lasted was 1-2 weeks. I would suggest using this instead, it'll maintain the freshness of the lens and your eye.

By Andrea J.

from WA

on April 04, 2011

4.5 Good for everyday use


I never knew toric lenses could be so comfortable! I've been using Purevision Toric contact lenses for over 3 years and I've always been pleased with the service.

By Veronica E.

from VT

on April 04, 2011

2.5 Good for everyday use

Grainy feeling

I've been wearing Purevision Toric for two weeks and I'm already feeling the grainy/dust in the contact lens. I'm going to change my replacement schedule to something that changes every two weeks. I'm just not happy they aren't keeping to their words.

By Penny G.

from CO

on April 04, 2011

4 Good for everyday use

Getting used to it

When I initially started to use Toric lenses they gave me a headache. It's the same headache you get when your receive a new prescription to your glasses. After my eyes got adjusted to the lens, it was smooth sailing. I would recommend this lens to anyone.

By Lyon B.

from NM

on April 04, 2011

3 Good for everyday use

Good but not great

I tried Purevision Toric in my trial lenses a month ago and they were good but not as crisp as Vertex Toric. I wanted Purevision Toric for its name but I found that Vertex Toric was better. I could see every detail.

By Christina D.

from KY

on April 04, 2011

4.5 Good for everyday use

Resilient Lenses

I use Purevision Toric everyday and these lenses don't ever feel dusty. Unlike most lenses, you'll notice when other toric lenses are getting "old". Purevision Toric contact lenses' retain their shape and quality up until replacement time.

By Edward M.

from WI

on April 04, 2011

4.5 Good for everyday use

Long lasting

What I really like about Purevision Toric is that I can use them up to a month. It's great, I have the lenses for a month then I can toss away. It's very easy.

By Paul H.

from AK

on April 04, 2011

4.5 Good for everyday use

Great Torics

I've tried a ray of torics and I believe each toric lens is different as your eye shape is different. When I placed these lenses in, they didn't irritate or cause any discomfort. The vision quality was amazing. I can finally leave my glasses at home.

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