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Nighttime Glasses

Starting at $29
Lenses engineered to help you catch Z’s by improving melatonin secretion. Available in non-prescription, prescription, and reading lenses.

Amber Tinted Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Sleep and Driving at Night

Use our Nighttime Glasses if you are serious about taking back your sleep schedule and making your sleep more restful. These amber-tinted blue light blocking lenses are made to shield you the MOST from disruptive light that reduces the production of melatonin, which affects your body's natural sleep-cycle. Swap out your clear daytime glasses in the evening to nighttime amber lenses and allow your body to produce the melatonin it needs for a restful night of sleep, or use it for when you drive at night to help reduce the glare of oncoming traffic. With up to 90% blue-light filtering (more than BluDefend, our daytime clear blue light blocking lenses), these lenses give you the near-total protection from blue light to take back your sleep and regain your zzz's. Available in prescription, non-prescription, and reading lenses, try a pair of our Nighttime glasses from LensDirect today!