Understanding the size
52 - 20 - 145 (in millimeters)

  • Lens Width

    Lens Width

    52 - 20 - 145

  • Bridge Width

    Bridge Width

    52 - 20 - 145

  • Arm Length

    Arm Length

    52 - 20 - 145

Unisex frames

Man Looking Forward Woman Looking Forward Woman Looking Angled Right Woman Looking Right Woman Looking Angled Left Woman Looking Left Man Looking Forward Man Looking Angled Right Man Looking Right Man Looking Angled Left Man Looking Left


Starting at $74, including prescription lenses
Bad news: your days of diligently working by yourself in a corner of a coffee shop are over. Looks and conversations are coming your way. Oh, that’s a good thing? Well, then, meet Max and let’s get started.
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Size: 52 - 20 - 145
  • Width: Wide

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