You're not just buying sunglasses. You're buying a legacy.

A few great men's legacies are engraved into world history. President John F Kennedy is one of those men. To commemorate JFK 100 years after his birth, we've remade his favorite shades. With only 300 pieces in stock, be a part of history with these limited edition sunglasses.

A shade of brilliance and craftsmanship

Sunglasses showing the features: Scratch resistant lenses, Anti-Reflective, Mineral Glass Polarized Lenses, 100% UVA + UVB Protection, Superior Clarity, Designed in America

Four colors. Infinite class.

Hyannis - Blonde Tortoise - Sunglasses


Blonde Tortoise

with gray/green G15 polarized lenses

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Hyannis - Striped Dark Tortoise - Sunglasses


Dark Tortoise

with brown polarized lenses

26 left in stock

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Hyannis - Gloss Black / G15 - Sunglasses


Gloss Black

with gray/green G15 polarized lenses

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Hyannis - Crystal - Sunglasses



with ice blue polarized lenses

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Hyannis in the Wild

What are the Hyannis® sunglasses?

There are some things that remain with you from history; a phrase, a look, a laugh, but almost always, it's the fashion that sticks and, in particular, the sunglasses.

Kennedy's mid-century tortoiseshell Hyannis® sunglasses were an item he considered essential to both his vision and his image. They followed Kennedy everywhere he went - from open water to the White House. It's easy to see why. The distinctive slender arms with diamond-shaped rivets create a look of understated luxury - fitting modestly into any environment.

Sunglasses, a case and microfiber cloth

Why are they named the Hyannis®?

Hyannis Port was known as the Summer White House to the Kennedy family. Long before John F. Kennedy ascended to the White House, the future president spent decades summering in Hyannis Port with his family. And the world was introduced to the charm of Cape Cod. Through JFK’s presidency, Hyannis Port evolved to become the Summer White House. Our iconic frames represent a place that was magical to a family that represents the best of America.

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Picture of a lighthouse next to the ocean
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Sunglasses, a case and microfiber cloth