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Halloween Lenses - Banshee/White Wizard

Halloween Lenses - Banshee/White Wizard

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Halloween Lenses - Banshee/White Wizard
Become the spirit of Irish folklore this Halloween with a pair of Banshee Contacts from LensDirect! Banshees are most famously known for their frightening wail and ghoulish appearance. Now you can embody this terrifying spirit with a pair of banshee contacts for your halloween costume! Created with creepiest costumes in mind, banshee contacts have a slit pupil design with a reddish outer ring and a glowing yellow/red iris. These red and yellow contacts look similar to the eye of Sauron and can be used for a variety of costumes. Whether you are planning to go as a banshee, ghoul, spirit, or demon, these contact lenses will fit your costume perfectly! Lenses are available in single vials (one lens per vial), and come in 14.5mm diameter. Banshee contacts are designed for occasional wear, are good for up to 1 year, and are 100% safe and FDA approved! That way you know you are getting a quality theatrical contact lens that will make your costume all the rage at your next Halloween party. Get the best pair of slit pupil contacts for your costume this Halloween with Banshee contact lenses by Lunatic.

Slit Pupil Contacts

Looking to really scare your friends this Halloween? Well we have the perfect addition for you! Slit pupil contacts add a dramatic and alarming effect to your eyes that can only be found in the scariest horror movies. Made of 38% water content, these lenses will keep your eyes comfortable and fresh the entire time you are in costume! Slit pupil contacts look similar to cat eye contacts but are less feline and way more scary and demonic. Perfect for a variety of costumes, these lenses fit well with ghoul or banshee costumes. Give your costume the perfect set of eyes to drive your friends mad, with banshee contact lenses!

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