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Proclear Multifocal N

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Monthly Multifocal Contact Lenses

Individuals over 40 years of age may experience a slight loss in visual acuity or the ability to focus on objects up close. Called presbyopia, this condition is a natural part of the aging process. For patients looking for monthly multifocal contact lenses to replace their eyeglasses, the choice is clear. Proclear Multifocal N lenses by CooperVision provide vision correction for individuals suffering from presbyopia. Using Coopervision’s advanced PC technology, these lenses transfer water molecules to the lens, creating a long-lasting moist surface that fights eye dryness all day long! Their Balanced Progressive Technology allows Proclear multifocal N to offer higher vision quality for patients having trouble focusing at medium and near distances. Whether you are reading a book or cooking something in the kitchen, proclear multifocal N contact lenses provide moisture and comfort for extended periods. In comparison to daily disposables, these monthly multifocal contact lenses last for up to 30 days per lens. That way you don’t have to worry about changing them every morning when you wake up. Toss away your old pair of bifocals and experience visual clarity like never before with Proclear Multifocal N lenses from America’s Optical Store – LensDirect!

• Balanced Progressive Technology provides near sighted patients with enhanced vision quality
• Monthly replacement lenses (30 days)
• PC Technology keeps lenses moist and comfortable for long periods
• Designed to help patients with presbyopia


Lens Type: Monthly replacement disposable contact lenses
Package Details: 6 lenses buffered 0.9% saline
Material Percentage: 38% omafilcon A
Water Percentage: 62%
Manufacturer: CooperVision, Inc.


Proclear is all about all day comfort and wear. It is in fact the only brand to be cleared by the U.S. FDA for the claim “may provide improved comfort for contact lens wearers who experience mild discomfort or symptoms relating to dryness during lens wear." This is a brand that can offer it all, and make you feel great and confident while wearing them.
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Proclear Multifocal N Reviews Write a review

Average Rating based on 8 reviews


Reviewed by 8 customers

By Melissa C.

from NE

on March 31, 2011

4.5 Good for everyday use

Well worth every penny

Proclear Multifocal N are great lenses! They keep my vision clear and above all are very comfortable. They are the best that I've ever tried and will continue using them.

By Nathaniel F.

from Wisconsin

on March 31, 2011

1.5 Good for everyday use

Not that great

I've had these lenses on for a week and I don't really like them. Proclear are good for vision but they get dry and are very delicate. Overall I'm not impressed.

By Han B.

from VT

on March 31, 2011

4 Good for everyday use

Too expensive to rip

I've been using Proclear Multifocal N for a long time. I feel that the first time I ever used them they would tear all the time. After a while, I learned how to handle these lenses and they didn't rip anymore. It's something you have to learn.

By Patricia G.

from OH

on March 31, 2011

4.5 Good for everyday use

The perfect lens

I've never experienced a more comfortable lens. I've only ripped one lens so it wasn't horrible. Very comfortable, easy to use and adapt to.

By Tammy H.

from ND

on March 31, 2011

4.5 Good for everyday use

Great lens

Proclear Multifocal N give me the best vision ever. I'm happy I can move away from glasses once and for all. Love these lenses, best on the market!

By Rupert N.

from California

on March 31, 2011

2.5 Good for everyday use

Pricey Dicey

I really like Proclear Multifocal N contact lenses, these are the first lenses that give me everything I need but they do tear/rip often. If it weren't for this I'd give them a bunch of stars.

By Stacey F.

from Brooklyn, NY

on March 31, 2011

1.5 Good for everyday use

Stays moist but rips

I really like the vision in these lenses but they tear when I take them out of their casing and when I take them off. They are a bit on the pricey side too so it's really a bummer when they do rip.

By Anita B.

from TN

on March 31, 2011

4.5 Good for everyday use

No sacrifies

Normally with contact lenses (especially multifocal lenses) you have to sacrifice some part of your vision, be it comfort or visual acuity. I'm glad with Proclear Multifocal N, I didn't have to sacrifice anything. These lenses are a pleasure.

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