Why should you choose LensDirect to replace your lenses?

Problem: A few of your favorite frames have scratched lenses or the Rx need to be updated.

You can take time out of your busy day and drive to an optometrist where they’ll charge you hundreds of dollars – and then you’ll have to drive back to the optometrist to pick them up up.  Simply put, the system is flawed, and optometrists don’t make it easy to buy new lenses for a favorite old pair of glasses or sunglasses. It’s expensive and requires a lot of time.

Solution: Enter LensDirect. The family owned online retailer that has become synonymous with award-winning customer service (seriously, just ask Newsday), and unbeatable prices.

LensDirect is now on a mission to help you keep your favorite frames on your face. Whether the old lenses are damaged, you need a new prescription, or you want to switch to a different tine – LensDirect’s website lets you swap out lenses for a direct replacement or something new.

To make it clear why you should replace your lenses on LensDirect, we’ve created five reasons why LensDirect is the best place to do it. (Bonus at the end of the article!)

1. We’re significantly cheaper than going to the eye doctor

LensDirect saves our customers on average 70% compared to optician prices by cutting out the middleman. It costs around $300 to get new lenses for your eyeglasses or sunglasses, but with LensDirect, it starts at $69.

When you order from LensDirect, your frames come to us and we handle everything in-house. Did you know that when you go to an optometrist, they’ll likely send your frames out to be filled at an off-site lab that they’ve never even seen before?

2. We make it incredibly convenient!

Order from the comfort of your home. And stay there. Literally.

You place the order, we send you a box, and you send back your frames/lenses. In a short period, you’ll get your updated lenses with a free case and cloth. Did we mention free shipping the whole way though?

3. Amazing upgrades included in every purchase

Our goal is to not just do it for less. Our goal is to do more for less.

With every order, we throw in a premium lens coating upgrades like Anti-Reflective Coating (also called “AR Coating” or “Anti-Glare Coating”), Anti-Scratch Coating, and 100% UV Protection (also called “Ultravoilet Treatment”).

On top of that, it’s free shipping direct to your door, we throw in a free micro-fiber cloth and case with every order.

4. Free shipping direct to your door

LensDirect wants to make everything easy. One of the ways we do that is by offering free shipping the entire way through. From getting your existing frames and lenses to us, to getting the finished product back to you – it’s completely free. There are no hidden costs.

5. Family-owned and award-winning customer service!

We went live with LensDirect in 1992, and we’ve been family-owned ever since. We take our passion for family and plow it back into the service component. Simply put, we treat our customers like family. That’s gotten us plenty of cool awards – like being voted by Newsweek as #1 in customer service two years in a row!

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