Remember that day when you realized you needed reading glasses? It hit you over the head that all those menus, signs, labels, and books weren’t using smaller font sizes just to get your goat! Well, if it’s any consolation, you’re in good company — a projected 123 million people in the U.S are expected to have presbyopia by 2020. This common eye condition, which typically starts between the ages of 35 and 40, makes it difficult for the eye to focus on close up objects (e.g. the steamy novel you’re hiding from your spouse, the smartphone your family members threaten to pry off of you, the Facebook profiles of long-forgotten classmates you’re spying on, etc.)

So you’ve accepted the fact you need reading glasses and several years have passed. The common dilemma you face now is the need to put your glasses on and take them off constantly when you’re out and about. Your reading glasses get smudged, scratched, and even have the propensity of wandering off like a mischievous kid. Sometimes you forget them altogether and when you get home from the mall, you discover you bought the wrong size blouse — ugh! Now is the time to face the music and consider contact lenses.

Can I Get Contact Lenses For Reading?

Many people assume they can’t switch to contacts if they only use glasses for reading. Some people stop using contacts when they hit the big 40 due to comfort and vision issues. Yet research indicates individuals with presbyopia feel like reading glasses make them look old. It’s a myth that you can’t wear contact lenses when you’re older. So if you look in the mirror and see your gramps or granny staring back at you, consider getting reading contact lenses!

Multifocal Contact Lenses

Multifocal contacts provide excellent near and distance vision. Options include a bifocal design with two distinct lens powers — one for distance vision and the other for near. Other contacts are like progressive eyeglass lenses, with a gradual change in lens power that provides a natural visual transition from distance to close-up. If you’re worried about eye irritation or dryness, don’t let this stop you from ditching your reading glasses. Many daily multifocal contact lenses provide a nice cushion of moisture. They are so comfortable, you might forget you’re wearing them! And speaking of forgetting, you never have to worry again about that issue with AutoRefill — contacts are delivered to your door whenever you decide you need them and this nifty service will also save you money!

Just as you needed time to adjust to wearing reading glasses, soft multifocal lens requires a period of adjustment in which your brain adapts to a new way of seeing. This is a small price to pay for tossing those pesky reading glasses you have stashed away in purses, briefcases, desk drawers, and glove compartments!

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