At first glance, makeup and eyeglasses might seem like a combination that’s just not meant to be. There are complaints of smudging, and the feeling that the eyes go unnoticed behind a thick pair of lenses. There are ways to tailor your makeup to glasses just as you would to any natural feature of the face, and so many are already taking advantage! Here are a few great tips on how to wear makeup with glasses and bring out the true beauty of your eyes!


girl with black tortoise glassesThose who wear eyeglasses often feel that their eyes are hidden away behind their lenses, and there are a number of ways to make the eyes more prominent. However, you should not go for eye makeup that is brightly colored, or does not match the color of your frames. Neutral coloring will match almost any frame, and there is nothing to say that you cannot use it in a bold way to make the eyes stand out.

With glasses it is usually a good idea to add color elsewhere, and luckily there are plenty of great ways to do it. Lipsticks in various colors often look amazing with eyeglasses, and you will not have to worry nearly as much about matching with your frames. Blushes in colors like red, orange, and others can also provide a way for you to add color while keeping the eyes neutral. It can never hurt to experiment with color!


Okay, so you’ve found the neutral eye shadow and now are wondering about how to apply eyeliner with your glasses. The key is to apply eyeliner in amounts that scale with the thickness of your frames. Thicker frames are usually more suited by more or thicker eyeliner, and frames that are narrower by less.girl-with-makeup-and-glasses.jpg

This is a tip that appears in a ton of places, and we’re sure it is heard within beauty salons as well. But the advice is never fully explained. One beauty expert tried explaining it as well as she could, “When lines on the eye are thinner, the eye tends to shrink behind the lenses. And when those lines are thicker than the frame, the eyes tend to look bigger than they are.” She says as well, that “lines anywhere on the face that are close to equal in value can be naturally appealing.”

Eyebrows and Eyelashes

girl-putting-on-glasses-and-makeup.jpgExperts recommend that eyebrows be scaled in a similar way, and for similar reasons. Sitting above your frames and not behind the lenses, they are more noticeable than eye makeup, and so it is important not to have much of a discrepancy between their thickness and that of your frames.

Those who wear eyeglasses often swear by using eyelash curlers to allow for their eyes to draw some attention from behind their lenses, and we do not think this should be a secret! Mascaras can provide some of the same effects, but many eyeglass wearers run into issues with smudging and smearing when using them. However, some mascaras have been honestly marked as better for wear with glasses, so do know that these products are out there!

Wearing makeup with eyeglasses does not have to be an annoyance. In fact, many of you are able to make your lenses work for you, and we hope this guide has given you ways to do just that. As far as products and smudging, you will have to experiment. What works for one person and their prescription might not work for another, and that’s okay! We are sure that you will settle on a routine and products that look

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