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Bausch and Lomb PureVision

FSA ELIGIBLE ( more info )
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Purevision Lens Information

Purevision manufactured by Bausch & Lomb are made to provide the optimal visual quality through their high-definition design. Customers can now enjoy every detail and comfort all day and even all night.

  • •High-definition vision
  • •Comfortable
  • •Can be worn 24 hours a day for 30 days
  • Lens Type:
    Monthly replacement contact lenses
    However, your eye care provider may change your lens replacement schedule.

    Package Details:
    6 lenses in a buffered saline solution

    Material Percentage:
    64% Polymer (balafilcon A)

    Water Percentage: 36%

    Bausch & Lomb
    Rochester, NY

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Purevision Contact Lens Customer Reviews

Great vision all day

By: Catherine (MI)
Purevision contact lenses are so comfortable and never cause irritation. I'm very happy with this product and the fact that they immediately get used to my eye is a plus!


By: Ely B. (Michigan)
I love Purevision for their pricing online but they are uncomfortable. I'm going to switch to another lens.

Trial Period

By: Allison U. (FL)
I finished my trial period about 2 months ago and ordered my new boxes of Focus Progressives from since then. I received a coupon code from about two days before I ordered my next boxes and it took off $10 from my order. No other contact lens site gave me this kind of discount before!

Not the lenses for me

By: Stephanie N. (AR)
I really liked these lenses for their price and overall durability but they are a little comfortable. I end up tearing throughout the day because my eye keeps rejecting the lens. I was using other lenses that worked well but they were too flimsy. I guess I just can't win.

Exactly what contact lenses should be like

By: Eric G. (WY)
I've had other lenses that didn't fit right and even had some scratch my eye. I tried Purevision and it never scratched or floated. I'm very pleased with these lenses and plan on continuing using this product!

Love these lenses!

By: Jennifer V. (NY)
Purevision contact lenses are the best! I'm very happy with these lenses! Marie, the customer service representative took my order and even notified me when I was eligible for a discount. Thanks Marie!

Dry and Itchy

By: Darlene B. (MA)
I've been using Purevision for 2 days and it already feels like the contact lens is sucking the life out of my eye. They get way too Dry and they feel itchy as though sand was in them. I'm not happy at all with this product.

Better than glasses by 100%

By: Gerald P. (IL)
Purevision contact lenses knock any glasses in the water. I thought that glasses were the safer and easier way to improve your vision. I switched to contact lenses when a friend tried these lenses out. I switched and wow, it's great. No longer do I need to swipe my glasses clean. Goodbye old man and hello young man.

Close up

By: Gina C. (NV)
I've had issues with reading close up. There was a certain distance from an item that I can read semi-clearly. The doctor told me I needed glasses. I really didn't want to seem like an old lady with her glasses hanging by her neck. I asked for contacts and felt some improvement but it's still not 100%.

Good contact lens

By: Richard T. (ND)
I've been using Purevision contact lenses for over ten years. At first I was worried about contact lenses since my eyes are sensitive and I worried about tearing constantly while the lens was in (this has happened before). The first time with Purevision, I didn't tear at all and everything was comfortable. These lenses are the best lenses for my eyes.