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FreshLook Colorblends

FreshLook ColorBlends

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FreshLook Colorblends Lens Information

Freshlook Colorblends blends with three-dimensional colors to give you a new look. Enhance your look to create from subtle to dramatic.

Select from a variety of colors:

  • •Gemstone Green
  • •Brilliant Blue
  • •Sterling Gray
  • •Blue
  • •Honey
  • •Green
  • •Brown
  • •Turquoise
  • •Amethyst
  • •True Sapphire
  • •Pure Hazel
  • Lens Type:
    1-2 week disposable colored contact lenses

    Package Details:
    6 colored lenses in an isotonic borate solution

    Material Percentage:
    45% Polymer (phemfilcon)

    Water Percentage: 55%

    CIBA Vision Corp.
    Duluth, GA.

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FreshLook Colorblends

FreshLook Colorblends Contact Lens Customer Reviews

Best Mom Ever

By: Beverly W. (OH)
I bought these for my 17-year old daughter since she was begging for some cosmetic lenses. I bought her the Gemstone Green from Lens Direct. She loves them. She told me I'm the best mom ever. It's definitely worth it to hear that from her.

Halloween shade

By: Amanda U. (Yonkers, NY)
The Amethyst color is perfect for Halloween. It went really well with my witch costume. Everyone definitely believed I could do some hocus pocus on them! I bought Brilliant Blue and I've been receiving compliments left and right!

Hazel and Gretel

By: Gretel D. (RI)
Everyone just loved the way they looked! It's given me that exotic look I've always wished to have! I love the hazel color! I recommend this color shade!

More and more compliments

By: Veronica M. (NM)
This may sound weird, since it seems that everyone that chooses colorblends is to go from brown eyes to something lighter like blue or green. I actually have blue eyes and many have told me that since my eyes were too light of a blue that I would be hard to look at. I bought brown colored contacts and it changed everything. They said my eyes became so much more softer. Thank you Lens Direct for providing brown!

True Sapphire is the best!

By: Mark C. (MN)
I get long stares when I wear my Freshlook Colorblends. That's not the case when I don't wear my contacts. I feel like superman with my contacts then like Clark Kent without them. The price is quite a deal, take advantage of getting your new color for your eyes.

Matching eyes!

By: Gracie K. (Palisades, NY)
I love the ability to wear a green shirt and wear my green contacts. Many people thought that I had color changing eyes. I let them know that it was just my Freshlook Colorblends. When they asked me where I got them, I told them from Lens Direct. Now we've made our own little color contact lens club.

Color contacts without 20/20 vision

By: Daniela, L. (Colorado Springs)
I love the color these lenses give but my eye sight doesn't feel like it improved. I'm not seeing much of the detail as clearly as I do with my clear lenses. I don't want to sacrifice sight for fashion.

Gray all the way

By: Terry D. (Dundalk, MD)
I tried blue, honey, brown and true sapphire from Freshlook Colorblends but I really have to say I love the gray the best! They really changed my look and Lens Direct has such a great price for them!

Enhanced my look

By: Sarah A. (AK)
I always wanted blue eyes but everyone in my family has brown eyes. When I got Freshlook Colorblends for the first time in Brillant Blue, I received so many compliments. It was great. Now I'm known as the "blue-eyed girl" in my family.