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Acuvue Advance

Acuvue Advance with Hydraclear

FSA ELIGIBLE ( more info )
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Acuvue Advance Lens Information

Acuvue Advance is the perfect solution to all customers who use contacts all day. Now with HYDRACLEAR, these lenses keep your eyes moist and rich all day long!

  • •Retains high hydration
  • •Flexible material
  • •UV Blocking Technology
  • •Low protein deposits
  • Lens Type:
    1-2 week disposable lenses

    Package Details:
    6 contact lenses in a buffered saline solution

    Material Percentage:
    53% polymer (galyfilcon A)

    Water Percentage: 47%

    Johnson and Johnson Vision Products, Inc.
    Jacksonville, FL.

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Acuvue Advance

Acuvue Advance Contact Lens Customer Reviews

A tad pricey

By: Jamie D. (Canada)
I've had other contacts that would tear easily. I'd end up breaking more than using. Acuvue Advance are the best even if they are just a little pricey, it is well worth it. They won't give you any hassles and will be gentle on your eyes. I highly recommend this product!

Soft and Easy

By: Brenda S. (FL)
I have tried so many different types of contacts! First there was a problem where it felt itchy. Then they felt dry and then it started to scratch my eye. I was really going to quit and go back to glasses. I tried Acuvue Advance just to say I really tried it all. Acuvue Advance gave my eyes the comfort, moisture and relief they needed! These lenses fit perfectly!

I forget they are on my eyes

By: Leila D. (MT)
Acuvue Advance are so easy to clean and to manage. I really thought at first contact lens would be tough to maintain but these lenses make it so easy! They cause blurriness. Maybe one time or more they make need to be blinked in place but it's so rare that I would say it almost never happens. Great lens and great price!

Hello, Moisture

By: Mike R. (New Zealand)
Acuvue Advance are the best contact lenses! Lenses are 100% hydrophilic and give the necessary oxygen and light feel my eyes need. I can wear them and not feel the need to place eye drops or to take them off. They are the most comfortable I've ever had!

Worth every cent

By: Edith L. (Russia)
Lens Direct offers the best price out there for Acuvue Advance. They always arrive within a week and always fit perfectly. They are a little pricey compared to other contacts but believe me, they are a little more because of quality!

Comfortable even when swimming

By: Diane G. (Miami)
Being on a swimming team, you need to see peripherally to know when an opponent is gaining up on you. Acuvue Advance are very comfortable even with goggles on and haven't caused me any irritation or blurring. They don't tear easily like other contact lens. Once I clean them, they are good to go. Love these contacts!

No more scars!

By: Gary V. (Montana)
Acuvue Advance was the only contacts that didn't scratch my eye. I've had the worst luck when it comes to contact lenses. I've experienced red eyes, blurriness, scratching and scaring. I've been buying from Lens Direct for 10 years and definitely recommend these lenses to anyone who has experienced these same problems in the past.

So much clearer!

By: Terry F. (Morocco)
From glasses to Acuvue Advance is the best switch I've ever made. I was surprised how easily my eyes got use to them! I'm never going back to glasses and it's all because of Lens Direct. Great service and fast shipping!

They put the "comfort" in Comfortable

By: Sam E. (Caribbean)
Acuvue Advance are amazingly comfortable! Cheap and durable! These are the best contacts I've ever tried and they don't turn my eyes red or itch/irritate. Thank you Lens Direct!

No need to constantly blink

By: Arlette C. (Chicago)
I was annoyed that my other contacts needed to be blinked into place. Acuvue Advance doesn't give me these problems. I finally have clearer vision because of this! Acuvue Advance are the best and would definitely recommend them for their comfort!

Perfect even with makeup

By: Sabina R. (Dorset)
Acuvue Advance for astigmatism is fantastic! So affordable from Lens Direct and comes quickly after being ordered! Even with makeup, the lens doesn't get irritated and it's so comfortable. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to get rid of their glasses and who want to show off their eyes.

All-Day Comfort

By: James G. (Bristol)
These contacts are great! But be careful when taking them out of their lens case, you have to handle with care or else they tear. Otherwise, they are really great-no blurriness and ultimate comfort.

First timer but a lifetime client

By: Jayden N. (Louisanna)
These contacts are very little maintenance and they are very comfortable. The only thing is that they fold while cleaning. Just make sure you clean it properly. Other than that, they feel moist and are even good in low-lighting areas.

You don't even feel them!

By: Dylan P. (CT)
These contact lenses are so comfortable that I forgot they were on and slept with them once! I have to keep reminding myself that I have contact lenses on. Just don't forget to take them off at night! Really great contact lenses, definitely a must-try for those with astigmatism.

Photo shoot

By: Kelsey H. (Nevada)
As an amateur model, photos are everything. Your portfolio is everything to get you into the modeling world. What I hated was that when I took my glasses off during shoots, I could be squinting in most of my photos because I would be trying to focus on the photographer's direction. I thought that there weren't contact lenses for people with astigmatism until my cousin (who has the same issue as me) introduced me to Acuvue Advance and it was a match made in heaven. I can go to my photo shoots and feel comfortable. I don't have to force my eyes on a blurry photographer anymore!

Love them!

By: Brianna E. (AR)
I had tried everything and I even have the scars to show it. On my right eye, I have a scar from trying and using the wrong type of contacts. I could never find ones that were gentle on my eye until I bought Acuvue Advance for astigmatism from Lens Direct. Truly fits like a glove!


By: Sam F. (Hong Kong)
I have severe astigmatism. Even my doctor said that even if I were to have contact lenses that there's a high risk of it "slipping" and that they wouldn't say on axis. When I tried Acuvue Advance for astigmatism, I had none of those issues. They rarely slip and I'm very happy with the pricing on Lens Direct, it's really affordable.

Wonderful relationship of 10 years

By: Johanna C. (Buffalo, NY)
I've been with Lens Direct for 10 years. They provide me with great service and timely delivery of my contact lenses. People with astigmatism know that getting contacts can be a bit more pricey, but Lens Direct beats the competition. I love my Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism contact lenses. They've been my #1 lens choice.

Really amazed at their quality

By: Annabel T. (Britain)
I was fitted for another contact lens that would turn my eyes read and that I could feel the whole day as it would swim on top of my eye. It drove me crazy. When my doctor suggested Acuvue Advance for astigmatism, I thought to myself, "ok, not another one." I was wrong. This contact lens worked wonderfully, never dried out, so comfortable and they never irritate me. No red eye for once! Great lens quality!

Great at the beach

By: Josh S. (Long Island)
I'm a big beach person. I love exercising on the boardwalk. I hated that when I wore my glasses, I couldn't buy sunglasses. I would see all these great designs for sunglasses and wouldn't be able to buy them. With Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism, I can wear sunglasses (any kind) and plus, these contact lens come with a UV ray blocker. They keep my eye away from sunlight damage. It's really an amazing product.