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Acuvue 2

Acuvue 2

FSA ELIGIBLE ( more info )
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Acuvue 2 Lens Information

Acuvue 2 Contact Lenses

Acuvue 2 gives the best of contacts with its usage options. Acuvue 2 Contacts is adjustable to those that wish to wear it for 2 week (but taking them out at night) or for over night extended wear (don’t take it off until the end of that week).

  • •Improve vision
  • •UV-Blocking Technology
  • •Great for first-time users
  • •Comfortable due to it’s water content
  • Lens Type:
    1-2 week disposable contact lenses

    Package Details:
    6 lenses in a buffered saline solution

    Material Percentage:
    42% Polymer (etafilcon A)

    Water Percentage: 58%

    Johnson and Johnson Vision Products, Inc.
    Jacksonville, FL

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Acuvue 2

Acuvue 2 Contact Lens Customer Reviews

Best present from my mom

By: Vanessa D. (Montauk)
I've been using Acuvue 2 since I was 16. They were a present from my mother. My confidence boosted and I never got picked again for my bulky red thick frame glasses. They have always been comfortable and hassle-free. I recommend this for anyone needing that extra pep in their step.

Break that stereotype

By: Maggie Q. (New Mexico)
Many family members were warning me of contact lenses. When I go my first lenses of Acuvue 2, I expected the worst. Instead I found these contacts to be so easy to use and I've never looked better. Now my family members want to all switch to contact lenses. They won't trust any other brand-only Acuvue 2. We never know what we should try until we try it.


By: Kara N. (Delaware)
They are better than Proclear. Acuvue 2 are great for long term use but after a while they do get a little red. They are comfortable and feel moist. Their price is cheap on and come fast. Ordering isn't a headache and the customer service reps are very nice!

Better than Acuvue Oasys

By: Andrew K. (WV)
I thought if I switched to Acuvue Oasys it would be the same since it comes from the same line of Johnson and Johnson contact lens line. Although it was a little cheaper, I ended up regretting it because they dried easily, so uncomfortable, irritating and even gave me headaches. I went back to Acuvue 2 and am back to comfort even if it's a little more than Acuvue Oasys, I don't have to worry about it bothering my eyes!

They're Great!

By: Fred (Ireland)
Acuvue 2 are the best contacts I've tried. After 3-4 weeks, they will irritate so don't forget to change them. They are comfortable and don't ever dry out. I rarely need to use eye drops or extra saline solution to clean them. Great product!


By: Helen I. (NY)
I love the 123 method! It helped me get my contacts in with no problem! Acuvue 2 are the best contacts! They are comfortable all day, the price offered by Lens Direct is great and keeps my wallet from suffering. With the economy and everything rising in price, it's nice to know I don't have to give up my contact lenses.

No Problem

By: James W. (Berlin)
I've worn Acuvue 2 for ten years and have never had any problems and Lens Direct has been an ace. I would definitely buy again from Lens Direct and recommend this product to all!

Great price

By: Lydia S. (Freeport) is a great site to shop for Acuvue 2 contacts; they have given me great service and a price that no one else can beat. Acuvue 2 had everything the site promised-comfortable, long lasting and easy to place in.

I forget they are on and sleep

By: Derrick A. (Indiana)
I love Acuvue 2 contact lens. I sometimes forget (not all the time) that they are on and sleep with them and even then they don't bother me. They are extremely comfortable and Lens Direct gives a great price on them! Great lenses!

The Best!

By: Carla S. (Staten Island)
I've been wearing Acuvue 2 contacts for over 7 years and they are the best contacts I've had. I can keep these contacts for over 14 hours a day and not have any itchiness or irritation. I clean them each night and these lenses can have extensive usage, up to 3+ weeks. I recommend it, but recommend through cleaning for extensive usage.