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Customer Testimonials

Testimonials from September 1, 2011

The customer service rep was wonderful. I must have misread my prescription, but she corrected everything as soon as they got off the phone with my doctor. Thank you LensDirect!

Marie C.

Valley Stream, NY

Thanks for personally handling my email instead of referring me to some FAQ page that never answers anything. It’s great that there is someone out there who believes customer service should serve the customer.

Ryan K.

New York, NY

The website is just great. I had no trouble finding my lenses and I even learned a few things about them. LensDirect is top notch!

Allen A. Key

Biscayne, FL

The lenses I ordered were nearly 20 bucks lower here than anyone else. LensDirect is a godsend in this economy. I’m referring all my friends here!

Shahezad C.

Indianapolis, IN

I placed my order via the website and I guess I did something wrong. Rather than just shipping me the wrong lenses and waiting for me to complain, they actually called me and fixed my order. No one else has customer service this good. No one.

John G.

Chicago, IL

The customer service rep was not just happy to help, but also knew a lot about contact lenses. She almost sounded like a doctor!

Val F.

San Francisco, CA

The website was great. I found my lenses and checked out in about five minutes. Ordering Contacts has never been easier!

John D.

Seattle, WA

I’ve been ordering from you guys for years. I never had such great service. Just wanted to say thanks!

Bobby G.

Richmond, VA

In a world where everyone is out for nothing but a quick buck, Lens Direct takes the time to have live customer service agents on the phone. It gives me confidence to talk to another person about my order rather than just entering my info on a bunch of web pages.

Ania O.

Short Hills, NJ

This website is great. I get my contacts here even cheaper than at my doctor’s office.

Henry J.

Oklahoma City, OK

Lens Direct is more than just some store selling contacts online, they’ve got a whole host of information to go along with them. They care more about the customer than anyone else I’ve dealt with.

Glen T.

Thousand Oaks, CA

Lens Direct is great. The shipping times are awesome the service is unbeatable.

Johnny P.

Lens Direct has the best customer service in the business. I couldn’t remember my prescription so they called my doctor for me and got it. I’m going to do all my contact shopping here from now on.

Greg B.

Canon City, CO

Shopping at Lens Direct is just like going to the store. It’s easy to find just what you need and if you need help you can talk to someone who knows about the products. It’s a step above most online retailers.

Ginny G.

Las Vegas, NM